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    Come out and show your support for your local green businesses in your community. We will have a booth at the annual Business is Green expo in Carlsbad coming up, Thursday, March 7, 2013 at the Carlsbad by the sea resort and conference center (formally known as the windmill). We have a brand new 100% organic product...
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      Pest invasion is worse than you think it can cause great damage to you, your family, and property. Specifically, Kills Plant Growth Several types of pests can harm your plants. They eat the plants you cherish and suck on plant juice so the plants cannot...
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      Tailored Solutions For You In Oceanside Oceanside, California’s Coastal City, has many places to visit, such as the Fishing Pier and The California Surf Museum. When you go to these places, come back home and find signs of pests invading your home, this will ruin...
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      Get Solutions For Your Pest Problems! The name Poway means “meeting place of the valleys” and originates from a Kumeyaan Indian word. In fact, as the name suggests, there are twin peaks, so people who live here can enjoy mountain views. However, these natural habitats...


    Jeff, Plateau Pest Client

    Terry came to our house to treat our majestic coastal live oak that had been set upon by one of the borer beetle species. After treatment the tree, which is the center-piece of our entryway, is doing great!
    The bubbling, oozing bug holes are all gone, and the cracks and splits in the bark have healed.
    Very reasonably priced. Highly recommend. Thank you Terry.

    Jeff N. - Alpine, CA

    Natalie Chiles Plateau Pest Client

    This is the best company! We had probably one of the worst gopher infestations ever- we live on nearly 2 acres of land and Terry came exactly when he said he would. Our issue was resolved in a matter of weeks, and with his maintenance our lawn is green and grassy again- no more gopher holes. While they’ll never go away completely, we are extremely please with Terry’s consistent treatment and updates. The fact that he’s a really nice guy is a nice bonus. 🙂

    Natalie Chiles - Vista, CA